Comparison of Drupal to other CMS Platforms

Submitted by sachin on Fri, 10/26/2018 - 12:07

I am relatively new to Drupal, but have used Wordpress extensively for my high school website. My high school website has a few blog articles, and a few audio and videos.  After a quick comparison, I ended up using Wordpress for my site.

I have also used a bit of Joomla in the past before going to Wordpress.  Here is how I think these three CMS frameworks compare-

Comparison of Drupal to Joomla and Wordpress
Parameter / CMS Type Joomla Drupal Wordpress
Simplicity of Use and learning curve Joomla gets very technical. Learning curve is moderate, but several plugins and modules are available. Drupal seems to have a lot of features by way of modules, but has a  steep learning curve. WP does not scare novices. It has easy to learn interface, and the learning curve is quick. 
User friendliness Not user friendly Not very user friendly Very user friendly
Functionality Moderate modules, components and plugins available to extend functionality Some modules and plugins available to extend Drupal, but gets very technical. A huge cache of plugins available to extend WP
Scaleability Somewhere in between WP and Drupal. Seems to be highly scaleable, and has got very complex features. Scaleable. Not very complex.
Target audience Good for social sites, business. Great for E commerce, business and content Great for blogging and content sites
Introductory course for high schoolers Somewhere in between Drupal and Wordpress. Very difficult for high schoolers to learn as a first CMS course.  Ideal to be taught to high school students as an introductory CMS course.
php, html, css awareness Requires some knowledge of php and html Requires functional knowledge of php, CSS, html Can get away without any knowledge of php