What Google CodeIn and Drupal meant to me

Submitted by sachin on Fri, 10/26/2018 - 13:50

Infosys Catch Them Young Program

I was 13 when I got selected to Infosys Catch Them Young (CTY) program in Bangalore, India. I was selected based on a test in school, and we were about 40 8th Graders who were part of this program.  This was my introduction to Computing and anything coding related. The 40 of us spent the summer at Infosys Bangalore campus. We commuted to and from "Work" in Infosys buses, wore an Infosys badge, ate at Infoysys cafeterias, rollerskated and cycled on Infosys campus at breaks. It was more fun than work, as we enjoyed every aspect of this experience.

I was introduced to various concepts of computing, programming languages, apps etc during this time. 

High School Project

By Grade 9, I had a good introduction to various computing projects, and well on my way to using MIT Scratch to make simple apps. I also experimented with Wordpress for making simple websites.

In Grade 9, I chose a high school project titled "Indian Student Room" to bring high schoolers from all over India on a common platform, and discuss the issues they faced. By then, I was very comfortable with making websites. 

I helped my school IT department make websites for projects or hackathons.


End of Grade 9, I was well into Android development, and began participating in hackathons. My crowning glory was when I won the Oakridge Hackathon.

Google Codein

I participated in GCI and contributed largely to an organization called JBoss in 2017. This was my introduction to real world coding, and enter competitive coding.